Ever tried 3D modelling in AutoCAD?

David Light recommends it in this Tweet:

Freedom capabilities of #autocad 2012 are so cool, forms work very nicely with #revit & #vasari; & no i haven’t gone all soft on you 😉

via @davewlight David Light on
Twitter / @davewlight: Freedom capabilities of #a …

If you are interested in the Patch, Fillet, or Offset Edge tools, check out this video:

If you are interested in the spline form editing, check out the video at this link

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12 years ago

if only Revit had a few more modelling tools from Autocad, cuz there are a few forms that can not be made in revit, but can be mad in autocad 3D.
for example, if you have a multiple arc line, and a shape forms from that start to the end as profile arc to profile diagional line, this is not possible in revit in any way. though it is possinle in autocad 3d.