Complaining whingers and What Revit Wants

When users complain, moan, whinge about #revit, they need to find a mirror & look in it, cos more often than not, its u the user not #revit
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Twitter / @davewlight: When users complain, moan, …

As I have stated many times before, if you want to be a successful Revit user you must make an effort to understand What Revit Wants.

Here are some quotes from my previous posts about What Revit Wants:
With what Attitude do you use Revit?
Instead of getting frustrated and angry, and instead of uttering unrepeatable phrases directed at ‘Autodesk’, just try and understand WHY.
It is a little bit like meeting someone you don’t know for the first time. You may choose to judge them from first impressions. Or you may try to understand them, and why they act the way they do. If you come to understand them, you may be able to have a rewarding relationship with that person.

Excuses used to avoid Revit adoption
Revit wants its users to be passionate about good design, technology, co-ordination and quality documentation.
Sadly, many people are looking for excuses to avoid Revit adoption.  When I say ‘sadly’ – it
is sad…
for them.

‘It’s a way of thinking’
One of my fellow staff members was recently doing some work in AutoCAD (after using Revit), and he said something quite profound:
“It’s a way of thinking, isn’t it”
And it really is. Using Revit properly is not a matter of ‘why can’t Revit do xxx’, its a matter of ‘why does Revit do xxx this way?’ And there is usually a very good reason.

Assertive BIM
let’s say 3 people like 3 different colours. Mr Aggressive says ‘Red is the best colour and you are all idiots if you don’t agree with me!’ Mr Passive loves Yellow, but he meekly nods. Mr Assertive says, ‘I respect the fact that you like Red. However, I personally like the colour Green.’

Mr Assertive does not need others to change – he just shows respect and wants to be respected. His beliefs are not dependent on forcing others to change.

When it comes to BIM, the ‘aggressive’ stance is often taken (AutoCAD is rubbish!) However, perhaps a more successful tactic would be to truly Listen, Acknowledge, and then firmly express why You believe in BIM.  

What inspires you?
It really excites me to see some lines on a page become an intelligent, precise, beautiful building model, that can be easily viewed, navigated and altered. The full benefits and amazing uses of this technology are not yet fully explored. I am deeply interested in BIM and where it is heading. I aim to keep in touch with the many facets of building modeling that I encounter here at Dimond Architects.

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12 years ago

Right on! Assertiveness, and remaining open to other opinions is what makes a good leader. There is little gain in bashing.

via Twitter @seandburke