Auto-Section Box has been updated!

This is arguably my favourite free add-in for Revit.  Check out the new features:
  •  Support for Revit 2014
  •  New “Toggle Section Box” command
  •  Ability to arrange the section box view side-by-side with the selected view
  •  Support for creating section boxes from view outlines, section lines, and scope boxes
  •  New “Quick Auto-Section” command
  •  Worry-free selections – automatic filtering of 2d and datum elements

Click here for a video showing the top 5 uses, including the new features.

Download at:
COINS Auto-Section Box | Autodesk Revit | Autodesk Exchange Apps

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10 years ago

The tutorial shows the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to the quick autosection box command. This command does not show up in me "keyboard shortcut" available command list. Am I missing something? Thank!

Luke Johnson
10 years ago

If you install version 2.5.0, and then restart Revit, the keyboard shortcut should be visible, as per this image: