A different take on the LODs

Posts and articles about Level Of Development are so prevalent, and they can tend to be repetitive, or controversial, or somewhat tedious (or is it just me?) But recently I thought of a different way to look at LOD. What if you take the perspective of the individuals or teams who have to deal with a given generation of data? How does that relate to LOD? Here’s one way it could be expressed:

The Client says “We want something that will maybe look a bit like this”
The Architect says “OK, but here is a more realistic and developed idea of the design”
The General Contractor says “Nice design, but here is something that is more coordinated and ‘buildable’
The Trade Contractor says “That was close, but this is how it is actually going to get fabricated and put together”
The Builder Operator says “Let’s take some of those 3D models and as constructed documents, and figure out what is actually going to be useful moving forward”
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Daniel Gijsbers
9 years ago

I like your train of thoughts here. It's a nice way of explaining the LODs

9 years ago

very nice

Shaun F
9 years ago

I would look at those in reverse order as the one that is important is at the end and that will inform those that come before of the information that is required from them to complete the process.