3 Navisworks Expert Tips – Copy View Names to Text, Quickly Clear Sets List, Shader Style Selection

Exporting Navisworks View Names Directly to Text:

  1. Download SysExporter
  2. Open a Navisworks project
  3. Open SysExporter
  4. Look for a TreeView Entry with same number of items as you have views
  5. Choose Columns – untick everything except String
  6. Select (using Shift) all of the view names you want to export in the list
  7. Right-click, Copy Selected Items (Tab Delimited)
  8. Paste into email or other software of choice

Quickly deleting all of your Navisworks sets (search sets etc) without waiting to select all the Items:

  1. Left click on last item in Sets list
  2. Hold down Shift
  3. Right click on top item in Sets list
  4. Click Delete

In Navisworks 2015, use Gourad Shader Style, Full Lights, Render set to Low:

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