Multiple Tab Rows in Firefox

New versions of Firefox removed some support for extensions that allowed multiple tab rows. Here is how you can enable it:

  1. Type about:support in url field of firefox, hit enter.
  2. On the ‘Profile Folder’ setting (about 8th from the top) click the ‘Open Folder’ button.
  3. Create a ‘chrome’ subfolder, if you don’t already have one.
  4. Inside that folder create a file called ‘userChrome.css’ (right click > new > text document – make sure to name the file userChrome.css and not userChrome.css.txt or something)
  5. Open the file for editing and paste the contents of this file; 411
    Into it.
  6. Restart FF and you should have multi row tabs

This comes from user fh1 at this link

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ok but the problem is that the tabs are going smaller even on the first line


This is great, but as just pointed out the tabs are to small. I’ve tried to fix this myself, but having no experience at all in using this kind of codes it wasn’t to easy. I’ve figured out that if I remove both lines
#tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {display: flex;flex-wrap: wrap;}
#tabbrowser-tabs .arrowscrollbox-scrollbox {overflow: visible;display: block;}
the tabs are getting wider again, but then the rows are not multiplied. I’ve also tried to increase the min-witdth and/or max-width from 35, but nothing happens.

Is it not possible to get the tabs a bit wider?