Link an IFC file into a Revit Family RFA File

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself… after the RVT and DWG link into RFA post over here, I had to try linking an IFC into an RFA file in Revit 2015. Guess what? It works.

  1. Download and extract this
  2. Copy the IFC you want to link into the same folder, and rename it to
    source RVT to IFC.ifc
  3. Open the RFA file
  4. It will come up with a link not found message – Open Manage Links, switch to IFC tab, select the row, use Reload From and select the file named
    source RVT to IFC.ifc
    (side note: this is probably the only time you will see a Manage Links dialog in the Family Environment, so I guess this is a added benefit of the current post)
  5. It will convert and link in the IFC using the usual method.
    (I’m not sure how errors are handled at this stage, such as “unjoined geometry” etc)
  6. There you go – IFC linked into Family

All of the usual caveats apply for linking things into RFA files, as per the other post. Additionally, you can’t Bind, Copy From, host elements, or Pick edges of the linked IFC. Its only real use at this stage is for modelling context.

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Do you have a Revit 2014 version of this file?

Luke Johnson

IFC Linking was not possible at all prior to Revit 2015, so I'm sorry but I don't.


It doesn't work for me. I can't see IFC file after Reload From…
Could it be because of UR4 I have installed for my Revit 2015?

Luke Johnson

This comment has been removed by the author.

Luke Johnson

mmm yes this does look a bit broken, I tested using UR5. However, the RVT and DWG method still seems to work What Revit Wants: Live and reloadable RVT and DWG Link inside a component RFA Family so I think that the IFC piece could still be pushed into working again. Perhaps opening in previous 2015 build and then upgrading would work.