Free People and Tree images to add to your Revit renders

EDIT:  The free content at vyonyx has been moved to

Are you getting tired of using the same RPC people and trees in all your Revit renders?  Maybe you should try adding some of these free trees and people in your render post-editing program (such as Photoshop):

Cutout People | VYONYX

Cutout Trees | VYONYX

From their Disclaimer: All the contents in our download section are absolutely free of any charge and there is no limitation on their personal or commercial use! …

Along similar lines, I previously posted about Immediate Entourage here.

vyonyx also host:
Textures | VYONYX
References | VYONYX (think water, grass, backgrounds etc)

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live sports

nice work

CADmando 2d/3d design & drafting

great textures here.